Metallic Accent

A standard Sweet box contains 49 cookies: 7 large, 20 medium, and 22 small. A Small box is a stack of 12 large cookies.

Extreme cold can affect the icing - we do not use any preservatives or stabilizers and sugar can naturally crystalize- this may affect the look of your cookies, but not the flavor.

Metallic Accent

Metallic Accent

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This is an extra special icing design with gold OR silver metallic accents... We love these in an ombre range. The icing must dry overnight so these cannot be rush ordered.

Our Sweet cookie is a classic shortbread sugar cookie -- not too sweet, nicely buttery, slightly salty and with lovely smooth icing that feels wonderful in your mouth.

Cocoa is a rich sweet Round that evokes the Swedish birthday cakes my mother used to bake. Dense, slightly salty and utterly delicious.


Cultured butter, flour, sugar, pure vanilla, egg, salt, milk, confectioners sugar, food coloring (+ Droste cocoa powder for Cocoa Rounds).

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