The Rounds




Rounds are mostly savory cookies to be enjoyed throughout the day and into night. They will make the most simple gathering feel a bit elevated and they will slip with ease into your more formal events.

Rounds are bite-sized decadent treats.  You do not need to serve alongs side a cheese plate or with jams and items - they are self-sufficient, highly satisfying and flavor-packed.  If anything, a bowl of radishes is a nice neighbor to provide a contrast to the richness of The Rounds.

Rounds are made with the only best ingredients.  We are proud to use mostly domestic, East Coast ingredients:  Kind Arthur's Flour, Kate's of Maine butter, cheddar from Vermont, and fresh herbs. We grind black pepper and all nuts and spices by hand.  In addition, we use Maldon sea salt, real Parmesan, Gruyére and Idaizabal cheese from Europe. 

Rounds are simple to serve - place a few at a time or the contents of a whole box on a favorite plate or in a small bowl.