The Rounds


THE ROUNDS are mostly savory cookies to be enjoyed throughout the day and into night. They make the most simple gathering feel a bit elevated and they slip with ease into your more formal events.  They are the perfect gift to bring along for a cocktail, a weekend, or a holiday.

Rounds are bite-sized decadent treats.  You do not need to serve alongside a cheese plate or with jams and items - they are self-sufficient, highly satisfying and flavor-packed.  If anything, a bowl of radishes is a nice neighbor to provide a contrast to the richness of The Rounds.

Rounds are simple to serve - place a few at a time or the contents of a whole box on a favorite plate or in a small bowl.

Our current offering is:  Parmesan Olive, Gruyére Date, Salami Idiazabal Rosemary, Apricot Pistachio Fennel, Anchovy Scallion and Sweet.



Rounds are made by hand with the only best ingredients.  We are proud to use mostly domestic, East Coast ingredients:  King Arthur Flour, Kate's of Maine butter, Cheddar from Vermont, and fresh herbs. We grind the fresh black pepper, all nuts and spices that are used.  In addition, we use Maldon sea salt, and real Parmesan, Gruyére and Idiazabal cheeses.


Getting to you

All Rounds are made to order in Brooklyn, NY. Each box contains 45 pieces of one flavor, and are delivered in a beautiful silk-ribbon wrapped box.  They can be shipped via UPS. If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn and need your Rounds delivered to you, please choose delivery as your shipping option and we will try our best to accommodate it. Please keep Rounds in their box when not serving and freeze if you do not plan on eating in the next 10 days. 

Please understand we cannot issue refunds unless you were shipped an item in error. Please note that the requested receive date is not guaranteed. If your item is for a special event, we suggest you request it to arrive a day or two in advance.

Please note, some Rounds have nuts in them and ALL Rounds are made in a facility that processes nuts. If you have a severe nut allergy, we do not recommend buying any Rounds. Thank you!